Violin Antonio Stradivari 1709 “Viotti “

The Stradivari Viotti, ex Bruce is a violin built in 1709 by Antonio Stradivari in the city of Cremona. The Stradivari Viotti, ex Bruce, considered in excellent condition and free of the wear and repairs demonstrated by many other instruments of the period, was last purchased by the Royal Academy of Music in September 2005. The violin takes its name from its first known owner, the violinist Giovanni Battista Viotti (Fontanetto po 12 May 1755 - London 3 March 1824) He was an Italian composer and violinist. Viotti is thought to have commissioned the construction of at least one replica of this violin. Subsequent owners include Mr. Menessier, 1824; Mr. Brochant de Villiers; Mr. Meunié, 1860; Jean-Baptiste Vuillaume; Pierre Silvestre, on behalf of William E. Hill & Sons, 1897; Baron Knoop, 1897; Mr. R. C. Baker, 1905; Lewis Bruce; and J. F. L. Bruce, of whom it also takes its name.
Of this 1709 Stradivarius instrument I am studying the lines and models of which I will make my own personal interpretation and will be added to my favorite Stradivari models that I already use in my Workshop